Mission Statement

Our mission is for our students to discover and develop their full potential so they can attain their personal goals and be a responsible and effective contributor to different communities.

Panyathip International School always aims:

  • To develop students who can think independently and critically, operate effectively and adapt successfully to a continually changing world.
  • To provide a caring and socially responsible learning environment so that students develop mentally into well-rounded adult citizens of the wider societies of both Laos and the world.
  • To interact conscientiously and caringly with parents and guardians and at a professional level with relevant government bodies and overseas organizations concerning the welfare, development and education of the students.
  • To remain receptive to new developments, methods, techniques and knowledge in education and learning in order to maintain high standards of professionalism in teaching and educational management.
  • To provide a quality English medium education for both Lao and foreign nationals that is relevant to the needs of those who will pursue college and university level studies or work abroad.
  • To provide a high standard of education in Lao for Lao nationals and others who wish also to study through the medium of and about the Lao language.

As members of P.I.S. community, our staff and students learn how to:

  • Value the richness of Lao culture
  • Value their or others cultures by showing respect for each other
  • Work as individuals or as part of a team
  • Make, and act upon, informed choices concerning moral, ethical and aesthetic issues
  • Develop lively and positive inquiring minds
  • Strive for excellence at all times
  • Take pride in their own achievements and in the success of others
  • Lead a balanced and thoughtful life