International Early Years Curriculum

Panyathip Early Years curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Curriculum (EYFC) and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC); a section of the EYFC. The EYFC focuses on promoting the best practices for children’s learning from the age of 3 and the IPC focuses on learning through a thematic and enquiry based approach.

The Early Years Foundation Curriculum Framework is based on seven key areas of learning.

In Panyathip Early Years we focus strongly on the three prime areas which are the basis for successful learning in the other four specific areas:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Communication and language

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Your child will learn to be self-confident, take an interest in things, know their own needs and tell the difference between right and wrong.

Language and Literacy
Children will learn to speak confidently and clearly. They will read and write some familiar words and learn to use a pencil. Your child will also have the opportunity to learn Lao Language and Chinese Language.

Mathematical Development
Your child will develop an understanding of Maths through stories, songs, games and imaginative play. They will become comfortable with numbers and ideas such as “heavier than” or “bigger”.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Children will explore and find out about the world around them, asking questions about it.

Physical Development
Children will learn to move, controlling their body and handling equipment.

Creative Development
Each child will explore colours and shapes, trying out dance, making things, telling stories and making music.